Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

The Girl Named Trees books

About Our Books

The children's book, The Girl Named Trees, by Therese Gramercy (with artwork by Gina Murrow) is the rhymed-poem story of Therese Gramercy's move to Alaska, her trip to the hospital and all the silliness than ensues when she can't remember her surgeon's name.

Its companion book, The Girl Named Trees Coloring Book, is based on the line drawings that were made by the artist as the first step in creating the artwork to be hand-painted on silk for The Girl Named Trees.  In addition to the coloring pages, it includes an activity where the children can match up the line drawings to the paintings in the children's book.

Both books are shared on this website where it is free to view and print a special PDF formatted version of the book. To print the books, see the Printable PDF page.  For more about the artwork and the books, please review the various pages about our Books & Project.

With love,

   the one who was once the smallest among us.

      the girl with the name that sounds kind of like trees,


The Girl Named Trees book