Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

A Message From the Author

This story was written just to inject a tiny bit of joy and laughter during a time that is so difficult for children to understand and to undergo, something that the author understands first-hand as one who went through surgery herself at age five. This story also gives special thanks to a whole host of health professionals who helped her through a much later medical predicament even though only one of them is named – the surgeon.

We are all grateful to this man for being so kind as to allow a story to be told that wraps such silliness around his name. For just how wonderful and humble is that? We take the gift of this name and we use it to stand for all the people who are involved in helping patients through all levels of their health care, including hospitalization and surgery.

This includes the doctors, the nurses, the aides and assistants, the many types of technicians, the pharmacy staff, the receptionists, the kitchen helpers, the maintenance and housekeeping personnel, the office workers, the volunteers and even you, the moms and the dads and the families that are there to support your children’s health needs every day of the year.

We are grateful to every last one of you too – for your love and compassion is what truly makes the world go ‘round and ‘round.

The Girl Named Trees cover artwork