Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Patient Education

Patient Education


Though the Girl Named Trees book seems to be just a lovely long poem with beautiful artwork, the world isn't always as it seems, and this book has a few magic tricks tucked inside its sleeves.

There is much learning silently woven into its beautiful tapestry of words and art . . . like learning to laugh at things at the hardest of times, how to chase one's fears away, and very craftily teaching the process of being a patient in the hospital.

The book even includes a 'playtime' activity which asks questions about the book and includes all of the answers too. Tucked inside that activity are repetitive iterations of the learning process, information handled so tenderly that children shouldn't even be aware that they are learning anything at all . . . most importantly . . . that being in the hospital is just like anything else, just a part of life, and not to be so scared.

Please see the printable PDF file below for more information about the patient education aspects of the book The Girl Named Trees. View or download (245 KB | file opens in a new tab or browser window)

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With love,

   the one who was once the smallest among us.

      the girl with the name that sounds kind of like trees,