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About Our Project

The goal of the book The Girl Named Trees, by Therese Gramercy (with artwork by Gina Murrow), is to help children understand a little bit about surgery, whether it is surgery they will have to undergo themselves, or perhaps one of their family members, and to wrap a whole lot of fun around it while they learn to chase their fears away.

Therese's vision is for this book to reach the hands of children in the hospital at no charge to them. To help Therese live this dream, a special PDF format of the book is available here on this website that can be viewed and printed freely. For further fun, you can also view and print The Girl Named Trees Coloring Book. To print these books, see the "Printable PDF" page under Our Books.

To help parents and those taking care of children who have had or will have surgery, Therese also has included a writing called A Child's View, which is her recollection of having had surgery at age five, as well as a section about the Patient Education aspects of the book.

Perhaps one day a "real" printed version of the book will be available for children as per her original vision. Towards that end, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation was set up entitled The Girl Named Trees Project, Tax ID 27-3403056, effective October 24, 2010. If you desire to contribute to this goal, you can reach Therese Gramercy by gently clicking this email link, .

With love,

   the one who was once the smallest among us.

      the girl with the name that sounds kind of like trees,


The Girl Named Trees book