Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Plants in seed

Her Writings

In November 2008, her life was touch-and-go in the ER. She skated by that close call, had surgery, and awoke with a new urgency to live her life as never before. She realized that after many years of hiding her heart that she was ready and willing to love again, and she became a poet.

This website is dedicated to that idea, to love again, and to her desire that men and women more fully understand one another. She writes to express sentiment and does so with a heart full of raw emotion. She hopes that her willingness to expose her array of tender feelings before her readers will help them to more fully engage one another, especially men, who seem so perplexed by the complex emotions of the women they struggle to love, sometimes in vain.

Which of her stories are true? How much of her reveries come from real events? Does knowing what is behind such sensitivity really matter, as long her writings open your heart?

Just like the perennial vine in the photograph above, life goes on, and its dormant winter whorls will be replaced with graceful blooms when spring arrives and it is time to show the world, once again, the beauty and love that awaits us, if we are willing to believe and trust that it will be so.

Welcome to her world of love lost and love’s future promise,