Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Influences & Inspirations

The list of my art inspirations is long yet simple:
if you’ve created something of your soul
and I’ve had a chance to experience it,
then you’ve probably inspired me too:

Artists of all ages,
young and old and every age in between,
and of all mediums,
in styles modern or classic,
whether they be pottery, paintings on canvas or on silk,
or just one paint color on a wall in a room,
plants and stone,
wood, metal and glass,
photographs in color or black and white,
the art of dance or on film,
digital art and web craft,
the art of crayons and paper
or beads and wire
or scissors, shapes and glue,
the engineer artists who create the tools for others to use,
the art of buildings and bridges and mechanical things,
the art creations with voice and of music
or of fabric and of fashion,
artists of the written and spoken word,
and the art in nature that is with us everywhere,
all around the globe.