Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Solo tree among the evergreens


I sip my tea and snap sky photos
as the sunrise illuminates the day.
I shower in glacial waters,
its purity streaming down my face.

I peruse the mail or plan my workweek
or flashback to sailing the ocean blue.
I four-wheel drive the icy city
surrounded with the Chugiach hues.

I join with friends, sit down to dine,
chatter over jazzily blue tunes.
I taste the wine and feel the warmth
of the grapevines’ crimson sleuth juice.

I unlock the door, remove my bracelets,
redress in silken yoga clothes,
I squint my eyes and tweak the rhythms
of my latest half-finished poems.

I embrace the truth, that it does not matter
where I am, who I see, or what I do,
I am alone in my conundrum heart
with my love torn thoughts of you.