Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Snowy Foliage


I love this city of the snow,
the big city of the north,
the city that even when it’s freezing,
knows how to keep you warm.

The people who choose to live here,
live in dark and ice most of the year,
just to have long sunlit nights
for the short season of summer here.

You see your friends and neighbors
every time you venture out,
in the store or on the street they chat with you,
not dash off to another errand, like it is down south.

They helped me learn to shovel snow,
how to bunker down for a volcano,
they even took me to the hospital
and they saved my life.

I have found that this city of cold noses,
is also where you find warm hearts,
they are my safe harbor and my anchorage,
what more than that do you need in life?