Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Snowy Evergreens


And I'm singing in the shower
while he's calling out for me,
and I'm looking out the window
while he's driving by the sea,
and I'm crying in my pillow
while he's screaming silently,
and I'm lost within a world of doubt
while he's so far away from me.

And I'm catching photos for my verses
while he's sweating his heart away,
and I'm practicing my yoga breaths
while he's clearing for the day,
and I'm packing up my memories
while he holds me sweetly in his mind,
and I'm listening so intently
while he shares no words with me.

And I'm dreaming up this love torn poem,
while he's deciding where he must go,
and I'm closing the door inside my heart
while he's blocking the channel to his soul,
and I'm swimming in a sea of pain
while he's searching for lifelong peace,
and I'm locked within my trembling heart
while he's the one holds the key.