Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Shades of Gray

Black & White

It is all black and white, it is so easy, you say,
black and white, the mapped out world of the brave,
black and white, no confusion, no questions, no delay,
but black and white are also the components of gray.

There is a whole spectrum of answers to anything you can think,
black and white are only the solutions on the edges of the brink,
but all the infinite gray choices that lie in between these two things
are black and white too, and by a percentage of each they are linked.

I love and I live in the world that casts its light into the shadows of gray,
comforted by those wise swirls and combinations that change every day,
for they gently slide from the black edge through all combinations and shades
to the white edge, or wherever is needed, to reveal the best way.

Take a look at the clouds that you see in the sky,
they are shades of gray too, though you never asked why,
their famed silver lining is a gray transformed by the moon when it shines,
the gift of a white moon in a black sky to entice gray souls not to cry.