Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Snowy Blue Landscape

Blue Butterfly

The wind sailed a life straight to me on this day,
ejected it seemed, right out of the sky,
it landed to rest on the windshield of my car,
a wonder of nature, a tiny blue butterfly.

Far too windy to stay in place on the slick glass,
it fluttered erratically down to safe ground,
to rest awhile and gather its strength,
for when the wind ebbed it must take flight and move on.

For one slice of consciousness shared in time,
a tiny blue butterfly and I held the very same view,
about how life felt during that one blustery moment,
that both of us, eye to eye, were just a tiny bit blue.

My northern sun sets as the earth slowly spins,
while tomorrow’s sun in the east is on the rise,
and a love connection is lost somewhere in time,
I’ve got the time distance blues, I told the blue butterfly.