Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees



Camellias are amazing flowers that have glossy green leaves.
Their flowers bloom in winter while the other plants are asleep.
That one key point alone is a reason for their keeping,
as they are truly so lovely that we peek just to see their buds peeping!

They mostly come in pink and white and red, but there are a few yellow ones.
Their flower forms can be fancy like formal-double and peony and anemone, or plain simple ones;
and they might have ruffles, stripes or dots, or even free-form . . . but no rectangles or plaid ones!

They have big botanical names like Japonica, Reticulata, Sasanqua and Sinensis.
Camellia sinensis is one that is really well known. Is that true, you ask me? Yes it is, for you see,
that is the name of the plant whose tender leaves are steeped in your fine cup of tea!

Their common names are so very darling – like Candy Cane, Lemon Drop, and Nuccio’s Bella Rosa,
Nuccio’s Gem, Nuccio’s Jewel, Nuccio’s Pearl, Moonlight Bay, Swan Lake, and Elegans Splendor.
Can you tell that the Nuccio clan of Altadena in California must like to grow them and name them?

They grow all across the world anywhere you can find a mild winter:
in Asia in countries like China and Japan, and even over in Europe in Italy, France and England.
in America down the Eastern seaboard, across the southern U.S. and up the west coast to Oregon.

Then go back around the globe to New Zealand, and down under in Australia.
In greenhouses you might find them in any location at all, no matter how far,
there are even some in the ground in a greenhouse at Bell’s Nursery in Anchorage, Alaska!

When you see one in person – love at first sight will take hold,
then you’ll know why growing them has spread all around the world,
and you’ll want to find out how to grow them so you can have some of your own.

Go to on the Internet to learn more about them,
that’s the cyber-home of the American Camellia Society at Masse Lane in Georgia!
There you can even find out if there’s a camellia show or club in your area,
where they’ll teach you all the tips and tricks to grow the prettiest camellias.