Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Hat & Gloves


I channel Chanel in my life,
in my dress, love of hats and fine style,
her sleek little black dress and flowing crepe scarves
were my original reason why.

I wear Chanel gloss on my lips,
and her sleek glassy polish on my toes,
Chanel shoes have arrived on my doorstep
although they were not even mine.

I adore the movie Coco Chanel,
with her elegant rags-to-riches story,
and its history tour of her decades of impact
on the world of haute couture and design.

I’ve studied my Chanel book and its photos,
Coco never gardened, but I know if she had,
she would have worn this cotton sun hat and knit gloves,
just like I, to deflect the burning rays from the sky.