Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees


Come Away

It was love at first sight,
the first instant we met,
I held your face in my hands,
and I felt your aura, my pet.

After that, we were hooked,
without any question at all,
I’d gaze into your bright eyes,
you’d gaze into mine and reflect my smile.

You moved yourself ever closer to me,
so that you would always be,
as physically close by my side
as you could possibly feel.

I had to depart quickly,
and leave without you,
it was not by my choice,
but what else could I do?

I cannot forget you,
it was not part of the plan,
I do not wish to live without you,
or without holding your hand.

And I want you to come away with me,
to always be by my side,
where our love can shine freely
for the rest of our lives.