Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Dances With Me

Dances With Me

They were together again,
she breathed a sigh of relief,
she and her tamarack tree,
named Dances with Me.

She placed the Blue Marble
gently upon the tree’s bark,
then she asked the marble
what could it tell of her heart?

It said that she
was just like this larch,
one who have suffered in silence
for so long in the dark.

These years without love,
are years long enough,
it is time, my child,
time to seek love.

But where, she asked
is that love to be found,
sure she had looked everywhere,
covered all ground.

What do all the words mean
that I see in the songs,
do they mean what I fear,
that time has run out?

The marble then shared
the sad quest of a soul,
one too drained to believe
they could ever be whole.

Too sad to be, she whispered,
then turned gently around,
to shelter the marble and tree,
as her tears hit the ground.