Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Silk Scarf with Dancer


Whenever I needed comfort,
I folded into myself,
and found my interior solace
with the new day at its dawn,
when all dreams are possible
if you will just give them your all,
and thus began my practice
of my ballet dance with the dawn.

It has always been thus,
I have known it for years,
and reveled in the belief,
that to me your sweet soul it would bring,
and just as the dawn promised,
on a salty day in the spring,
in the low time of the sun,
that is exactly what it did.

I feel I must give you
a gentle warning, my dear,
for one dark morn should you wake
to feel me not there by your side,
that you will find me, my love,
in a place that is peaceful,
though not very far,
in reverie as I dance my ballet with the dawn.