Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Stairs to First Class

First Class

They talked while they waited in the airport, the usual fare,
where they were going, and how long that they would be there.
They laughed about their common belongings in tow
and hoped that the wait would not be much longer to go.

Then they finally started boarding and it was now time to part,
how else would their adventures be able to start?
He was first class and hopped up to go board,
she was coach so she waited for the full plane to load.

As serendipity would have it, and the long line lagged forward,
she happened to be stalled in front of the seat that he had aboard.
They picked right back up laughing about the trials of travelers and their fates,
and shared silly jokes during the time that she had to wait.

Then the line moved along with the last glances of their smiling eyes
as she told him good-bye and rolled her luggage down the aisle.
He sat and reflected then called the attendant, he had to act fast,
could she please tell him, were there any more seats in first class?

Though he was a special patron, an apologetic no he was told,
so he thanked her for checking and began to ponder some more.
He came up with a plan that made him just shake his head,
then he began to grin and he started to turn a little bit red.

He called the attendant again and told her what he wanted to do,
that he wanted to switch his first-class seat with that girl.
He would walk to the back of the plane, then would she kindly go get her
and lead her to his seat in first class and make sure she was settled.

So the attendant did just as instructed, and the girl was confused,
while the man next to her in first class was completely amused.
She had many questions but she was mostly concerned,
would that darling man still get his meal and the glass of wine he preferred?

The attendant assured her that he would, and asked what would she like to eat?
Oh, nothing for her, it was quite enough to have such sweet attention and his seat.
Awhile later he walked back to first class to avail of the restrooms up front,
and stopped back by his old seat and paused to smile at her once more.

She smiled broadly back and asked if he was ready to swap seats again,
but he just gazed at her and laughed as he said not in ten million years.
He whispered see you soon, and touched her cheek with pure delight,
then he went back to her seat for the rest of the flight.

First class had never seen a love story like this, of that fact they were sure,
and knowing smiles were exchanged by those who were there.
For first class might be the name of the section where they sat,
but they now knew that first class was also the measure of this fine gentleman.