Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Frozen Leaves


He desperately wants her to stay near,
but he still continues to play it cool,
for if he shows his true feelings, he fears,
she might turn away and think him a fool.

She can feel his hot aura betraying his poker face as a lie,
no matter how hard he fools himself that he’s tried,
he can’t keep under wraps from that sixth sense of hers
the feelings he managed to keep veiled in his eyes.

He can tell that she's seen into him,
so with heightened alert he guards his heart.
Her heart’s desire is get closer to him, but he won’t let her in,
and in this sad way his prediction comes true as she turns away from him to depart.

He wants her to turn back and to stay with him,
though he won’t allow his heart the spoken words to tell her so,
and each future night he will sleep ever restlessly,
wondering why he has to be so alone.

If only he could untie his tangled-up heart
instead of longing after her as he lets her go,
His destiny would shift from his cold frozen world
to one where his heart could melt at last in the warmth of her soul.