Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

In the Shadows

In the Shadows

Heart aches, tough breaks, perspective grayed, and feelings frayed,
let loose a flash flood of tears that froze my heart in an arctic lake.
I began living in the shadows of others desires,
pouring myself into their lives, their dreams and their smiles.

A fall, an illness, a dangerous health threat,
my life hanging in the balance, wondering where my life went.
I sprang back to life from dream-state-post-op drugs
with a posthaste desire to find passion and love.

Nothing ventured, nothing lost, but also nothing gained,
was the way that I had sought to avoid feeling more pain.
Not true, not anymore, certainly not that alley for me,
it was no longer the way that I wanted my life to be.

So I’ve stowed old memories in boxes to leave in the past,
to make way for a new life where dreams can be set free at last.
No more days will I waste in the shadows, no more lonely nights.
It’s time to make a fast break from that place and step back into the light.