Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Dark Mountains with Blue Sky

Noir et Bleu

Black and blue, the notorious colors of pain,
leave shadows on skin that can hurt so much,
but noir et bleu, a twosome très classique,
cast an enchanting spell when they gently touch.

Jet black mountains against a pale blue sky,
soft black leather with cotton denim blue jeans,
the feeling of pure black silk on velvet of deep indigo blue,
such lovely and serene black and blue things.

Tiny tree swallows nestled in tall black spruce,
sky born flashes of iridescent blue-black coats,
a feathered bond of true love that never dies,
the magic of devotion never felt by most.

Coal black eyes with a dark blue rim,
engage intense eyes of blue from another life,
blue lightening rattles the black ink of night,
a noir bleu connection is on the rise.

Cornflower-blue drenched skies replace darkening clouds,
Black starry nights follow twilight shades of midnight blue,
the mystic unveiling of the universe through the journey of souls,
slowly swirling, dreams coming true, in noir et bleu.