Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Silk Art


Paint away, paint away, paint away, blue!
Paint away, paint away, our future’s in you.

The success of our project now lies in your hands,
with the magical art that you spin from all of our plans,
and the love that we know it will bring to every place that it lands.

But don’t fret or worry and don’t watch the clock,
or Time can’t expand miraculously to bring about
more time for painting than you’ve actually got!

Just how God makes this happen is a mystery to me,
it is one of His blessings in His big bag of love beads
that He sprinkles down on those who have prayed for help with their dreams.

So paint away, paint away, paint away, true.
Paint away, paint away, it’s all up to you.