Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Silk Scarf with Petals


Pure white petals of the Shasta daisy
will you share your legendary wisdom to see
if you think that he is the one for me?

Each one of your soft petals
has a story of love’s future to tell,
so, will you break my heart, or my fears dispel?

This first petal says that he loves me a lot,
but this next one proclaims that he loves me not.
Gingerly, one by one, we go ‘round about.

If your answer is that he is in love with me,
my dear little flower of love history,
do you understand how incredibly happy I’ll be?

But . . . if it will be that he loves me not,
silky petals so wise that we seek your art,
then make it rain to hide the teardrops that will fall from my heart.