Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees


Remember Me

I remember the first time that you soothed my soul,
the times you told me not to worry, as you kissed my brow,
I remember that the touch of your hand could dry my tears,
that one smile from you could set my world back in gear.

I remember every sweet thought you evoked in me,
the twinkle in your eye as you would say Therese,
I remember your wise words, that how it seems is never how it is,
that you can never know all, so let it be, and forgive.

I will remember you in the clouds and the lilac trees,
at one with you in so much beauty that I struggle to breathe,
so, I ask you, to remember me as sweetly as I remember you,
and to remember me forever, that is when I will forget you.