Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Glowing Sunrise

Star Angel

An angel blew to earth on the aurora wind,
and while she was mending her fragile wings,
she wandered the streets of their cities at night,
and felt the pain and tears of the humans’ plight.

She heard their wounds as they cried in their hearts and souls,
and felt the tears as they fell on their pillows too,
pain, it was everywhere, on everyone’s sleeve,
with one blink she knew what she was born to do.

Her wings were now healed well enough to soar,
so she returned once more into the sky,
and headed straight to the place where darkness lived,
to live her destiny of bringing light to the night.

She untied the crystal hammer held by her side,
hidden in the soft folds of her white silken gown,
remembering that this weapon must only be wielded with love,
on the day when its reason would become clearly known.

She found the glass jars up on the highest shelf,
where the pain and tears from the eons were stored,
she took down the one that was labeled Blue Earth,
it held the pain of every last human life form.

She shattered that glass into a million chards,
then threw them as far as her strength would go,
they became the brightest of the glimmering stars,
signs of hope that would shine for all future souls.

She cast the crystal hammer down, sailing through the night sky,
it fell to the earth in tiny crystals of snow,
and they lodged inside the humans’ hearts,
so that they too could embrace her hammer of love.

When you feel downtrodden, afraid to go on,
remember the hammer that beats in your heart,
use it to shatter your fears, your pain and your tears,
then throw them with all your might up to the stars.