Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Moon with Tears metal sculpture

Sweet Moon

You have traveled a path
that has taken you so far away
and the changes you face
surround you day after day,
but what you see with each sunrise
is never the same
as it eclipses your world
and makes it just fade away.

Each day the rays of the sun
remove your compass from view
for its stars are only a dream
without its night sky of dark blue.
But just as sure as the dawn
glows in the east every day,
the sunset, my friend,
is never too far away.

As you move through the changes
that you unearth with each day
and make peace with the ones
that have caused you so much pain,
look to my wise words of cheer,
for they are as real as the rain,
and sweet moon, dry your tears,
the stars will shine again.