Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Water's Edge


Day’s end…
Phone 1: Hi there, do you remember that we have a date?
Phone 2: Yes I do, will you please meet me at eight?
Phone 1: So you truly promise to meet me for drinks?
Phone 2: Yes, but what should I do if I get there first?
Phone 1: I think you should go ahead and order the wine.
Phone 2: OK, but are we just munching or going to dine?
Phone 1: I’m all for dining if you truly do have the time.
Phone 2: I’m starved, so I think a nice meal would be fine.

Phone 1: I am really enjoying my evening with you.
Phone 1: …and by the look in your eyes I can see that you think so too!
Phone 2: Mmm, I am, but I’m with you now … so why do you still text?
Phone 1: Uhhh, I guess it is the style that suits me the best?
Phone 1: … so…what to do now, should we continue to roam?
Phone 1: …or if you’d like … we could … go back to my home…
Phone 2: I like option 2 but can we please ditch the texting?
Phone 2: … or I think we’ll miss out on the hugging and kissing.
Phone 1: I see … I think it’s time that I turn off my phone.
Phone 2: Great idea, now let’s take that walk to your home.

Dining observers…
Phone 3: Texting! It is so very easy to do,
Phone 3: but what I want to know … is … can it truly help you?
Phone 4: I think the jury on that line of conversing is still out,
Phone 4: but I do think that this texting craze just might work out!

Author’s note about texting styles: there is an enclave of us ‘older types’ who are sentimental about our use of the English language and insist on writing our texts ‘the old way’ using whole words, phrases and sentences!I do believe they created the new phones with keyboard style touch pads just for us! But, texting for the younger set is all about speed, so included below is how the first section of the poem would look translated into ‘teen texting’.

Phone 1: still on 4 date?
Phone 2: CU @ 8?
Phone 1: promiS 2 mEt me 4 \_/s?
Phone 2: what if IM 1st?
Phone 1: ORDR vino
Phone 2: apps R dinnR?
Phone 1: do U hv time 4 dinnR?
Phone 2: Y! IM stRvnG!!

Yes, I agree that it is much more efficient, but I do believe the sentimentality of the poem and nuances of the exchange are diminished. It’s kind of like whether you prefer fabrics that are wash-n-wear vs. silk. You might like and need both, it truly all depends on what your purpose is, such is life!

It’s a big world out there, with lots of room for whatever style of texting you prefer. Enjoy!