Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Clear Blue Skies at Sunset

Thank You

People often say the words I love you,
and sometimes they even say I am sorry,
but it is thank you that we seem to let slip us by,
and is forgotten oh so easily.

I have a long list of “thank you, my dear’s”,
that I may have forgotten to say,
and the sooner that they are written,
they will have found a much higher place.

Please, pretend that all the daily thanks
have been said before, even if they weren’t,
for these are the real thank you’s
that mean the most upon this earth.

And so I thank you . . .

for opening up your heart to me,
for binding my tender heart when it bleeds,
for holding me until I dream,
for holding me even while I’m asleep.

for trusting me with your secret fears,
for sharing your hard-to-share-with-me tears,
for your laughter and your romantic yearns,
for wishing that our love sustain us for years.

for your silence and for your well-chosen words,
for your tear-drop resistant cotton shirts,
for imagining all of my pain, and worse,
for listening to me, even when it hurts.

for the beauty that you have brought to my life,
for holding me even when I cried,
for letting me see your soul through my eyes,
for letting me see my soul through your eyes.

for hoping that all of my dreams will come true,
for believing in my abilities to see them through,
for helping me to see the truth,
for allowing my secrets to reside in you.

for holding me tightly even when I let go,
for your love through all of our highs and lows,
for believing that I am beautiful,
for imagining our lives could ever be whole.

for your touch, your warm, and singular touch,
for your love, in every single way, my love,
for walking difficult roads with me, arm in arm,
for every act you have taken to keep me from harm.

for every meal that we two have ever shared,
for every day or night or moment we shared,
for all the ways that you have shown me you cared,
for missing me when I cannot be there.

for your sweet kiss and for your seismic embrace,
for never mocking the esoteric things that I say,
for the loving chances that you never let get away,
for the smile upon your precious face.

for helping me to move my life along,
for not deserting me even when I was wrong,
for making me want to burst into song,
for showing me where my smile belonged.

All of these are the keepsakes I would truly miss
if you were not my thankful friend, my dear,
and I do believe that this is the most beautiful list
that I have ever seen or ever heard, or could ever wish.