Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

View of the Horizon

Time Forgets

Time forgets, but I do believe,
love’s memories are salvaged by the trees,
in snowflake clusters that cling to their leaves,
scattered to the earth in the last autumn breeze.
When the snows thaw softly in the spring,
love’s crystals melt into the streams,
rivers ripple, waters fall, love cascades into the seas,
together, drift the tender memories.

Our heartstrings draw us to the shores,
to be with the sea when we feel forlorn,
sun sparkles on the waters of crystalline love,
waves whirl the love-laced crystals into foam.
We breathe the sea’s infusion into our lungs,
of the snowflakes that contained our love,
spirit tingling, inner peace restored,
love’s memory in our hearts once more.