Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Swirlng Water


Warm ocean waters laced with the black oil tide,
we mourn with you as salty tears we cry.
Creatures of the sea, bring yourselves to us,
so we can clean your wings and fins and shells.

Waters soiled and brown with oil and chemicals,
may clean winds and cool currents sooth your ocean soul.
For your tarnished waters to receive our love,
we must join together to heal our oceanic world.

We must concentrate and pool our healing works,
so we can turn the tide of disease and dearth.
Please do not park within the words of blame and hate,
use your energy in a positive way for the harm to dissipate.

Use the frustration you feel about the death of the sea,
to return our earth to the paradise it was meant to be.
Believe that the power of shared love can heal our waterways,
send your loving thoughts to the ocean waters every single day.