Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Blue Sky with Angel Cloud

We See You

We love you with every glow of the dawn,
we love you as our most perfect man,
we love you in every way that is left,
we love you as only a daddy’s girl can.

We feel you in every hand that we hold,
we feel you in every transaction we face,
we feel you in every photograph of a dad,
we feel you in every breath that we take.

We know you watch over us every night,
we know you feel every tear that we cry,
we know you think we are the most beautiful,
we know you would never trade us for your life.

When we see a powder puff in the sky so blue,
that looks like an angel, we cannot help but see you,
and in that perfect moment, dad,
we know that you can see us too.