Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Equine Ice Carving

White Knight

Would you watch the ever changing sunrise with me
at north latitudes above 60 degrees?
Would you listen to me by the fire, for hours, endlessly,
until my sorrows were spent and I could truly be free?

Would you smile each time I gushed with childish delight
when the aurora lit up the sky with its ghostly green lights?
Would you embrace the snow and the long northern nights
so that you could be the one who sleeps by my side?

Would you drive me along the back roads and read highway signs
so that I could take photographs of the earth and the sky?
Would you hand me a tissue each time that I cry
when we watch a sad movie that touches my life?

Would you go sailing and flying and watch birds take flight
and promise that you will love me forever, or at least until we die?
Would you do all of these and even turn on the light when I write
if I wanted you to be my white knight?