Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Stormy beauty


I came for the beauty,
I came for the calm,
but it is the people that I have met,
who kept me safe from harm,
that holds me here in Alaska
in this land so far to the north,
for their pure love and true caring
has wooed my torn heart.

I do not know where it is
that you live on this earth,
but, here, we know that you all wonder
why we would put up with this dearth,
and I know the answer,
as sure as I know my own soul,
it is the people who live here
who are so willing to give you their all.

Wherever you live, do people ever take the time
to talk for a few minutes no matter where you are?
Here, to engage one another, and to take in your smile,
it is the manna that brings sustenance to make our days warm.
Wherever it is that you are in the world,
would every single stranger who passes you on the go
stop to help you like you were one of their own
when your car is hopelessly stuck in deep snow?

So there is no need for you to wonder
why we will take the ice and the snow,
and the long months of winter
that stretch on in darkness this far north,
for we have each other,
real souls who are more precious than gold,
the dear ones, with cold noses and frozen toes,
in which the biggest hearts are found.