Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Sun between the clouds and the mountains


Yes, that must be the best short word that I have ever heard,
Yes, it can bring good news to light in every corner of your world.
Yes, is the word that we all love to hear, anytime of any old day of the year.

Yes, you have been selected for that shiny new job.
Yes, the special item that you want is actually in stock.
Yes, we are still open, you just beat the clock.

Yes, the bargain rate is still available for your airfare.
Yes, your credit is great and we will give you a car loan, my dear.
Yes, your healthcare coverage has been renewed for another year.

Yes, we want to publish your new book and here is the check.
Yes, this cash register is now open and you are the one next.
Yes, we saved your table for you, it is the one you like best.

Yes, you heard me quite right the first time, I love you, he replied.
Yes, I will be at your side always, you’ll never have to ask twice.
Yes, the sunset sky is sensational, but not compared to your eyes.