Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Ocean View

Two Oceans

A woman and her child walked along the seashore. They came to a rocky knoll and climbed up until they reached a platform of flat rocks where they could sit and look around them as far as the eye could see. After gazing at the ocean in silence, the child asked her mother to tell her the story of the ocean again.

She told her child that the world was once a very different place. Trash lined the highways. The rivers poured chemicals into the sea. The rain forests were cut down and burned. The sky was brown with pollution. Bigger and bigger oil spills occurred in the oceans of the world. Life continued on as if all of this was normal, but it became harder and harder for the people to fool themselves into believing the lie, that their way of living was healthy and the world would be fine. When the animals and the sea creatures began dying, the people become sad, then really worried, and they started to fear what their future would bring. They were told there was a woman in the north who could tell them and they sent their most sincere young man to learn what he could of their destiny.

He traveled far north to the land that was known at that time as Alaska. He asked where he could find the woman who was known as Sky Love. He found her just as they said he would, outside in nature, tending her garden as she smiled at the sky, her long gray hair blowing in the breeze. He introduced himself and told her that he knew she was one who could see the visions and that he had come to learn the destiny of the earth. She told him that she had been waiting for his visit. They sat down together on a stone bench in her peaceful garden. They continued to sit quietly together while she gathered her thoughts, then she began to tell him her vision.

The ocean was dying from the continuous fouling of its waters. The chain of life would stop at the beginning. The smaller life forms would be the first to go, along with those species that were few in number. As the oceans died, so would the land, for the rains would dump the poisons of the ocean waters onto the soils of their farmlands. The desert would spread around the world. The animals and the people would die and the dead earth with its stagnant black ocean would become a silent place in the universe.

The young man was sad and told her that he feared it would be so. He thanked her and got up to leave. She smiled at him and told him that she had an alternate vision, but that this vision of the future was still possible for only a short time, and would he like to know that vision too. He sat back down and begged her to proceed. She allowed them to settle back into their quiet state again, then she told him the second vision.

She warned him that this vision had only a sliver of hope remaining, for the world would have to act quickly and act together as one, and time was running out to begin all the work that had to be done. If they could work together, pool their resources, share the guilt and responsibility, believe in the good inside of each other, then the oceans would recover. The rains would become clean again and the farmlands would prosper. The oceans and the skies would again be blue, a most heavenly blue. They would have to act without delay and tirelessly at first to accomplish this, for the oceans were almost beyond repair. They would have to change their ways for good this time and truly learn to respect the earth. It could no longer be left to another generation. If this generation would not make these urgent changes now then the first vision would become their future. The choice of which ocean, black or blue, was their destiny to decide.

He thanked her again for her time and told her that he had to leave right away, that the oceans were counting on him. She smiled as she told him that she believed in his spirit. She kissed his cheek, and turned back to walk in her garden and she gazed into the sky as she loved to do.

The mother placed her arm around her child as they continued to stare at the ocean together. Her child looked up at her and thanked her for explaining to her once again why the ocean was so blue, but she still wanted to know what became of Sky Love. Her mother told her, that like all people, she returned to the sky. The legend says that when she was returning, that huge iridescent halibut jumped out of the ocean and applauded as she passed by. The legend also says that whenever you do a kind thing to help the earth or the sky or the ocean, that you will feel her kiss upon your cheek to thank you as her spirit passes by on the breeze and that you will come to know the meaning of sky love.