Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

Therese and Scarf

The Scarf

In a recent move, I lost a scarf . . . it was my favorite . . . it's the one I'm wearing in my picture here with Silver the reindeer. I looked everywhere for it, and I felt very sad that it was gone. I think it impacted me so much because of an old memory of another favorite scarf, one I lost when I was a small child . . . the scarf with the angels on it.

I suffered with earaches when I was young and my mom did her very best to reduce those times. One chilly morning, she tied a lovely blue silk scarf (that my dad had brought to her from Italy) tightly under my chin to send me off with nice warm ears on a school outing to the beach. I am sure that she knew there was a possibility that her beautiful angel scarf might not make it back home again that day with her little girl, yet she graciously wrapped it about me anyway. Well, the day warmed up and somehow I lost the angel scarf . . . the cherished scarf that my mom, a soul so full of love, had let me wear that day. I never forgot that day, or the scarf, or my mom's gentle handling of her child so full of sadness that she had lost such a beautiful thing that we had both loved so much. A special bond was forged, and my mom always trusted me with her most precious possessions. She never thought twice about letting me borrow them, and some she even gave to me so that they wouldn't get lost or broken by her as she aged.

All of this had me thinking about how many people must miss a favorite thing that they've cherished and lost, whether it was by leaving it somewhere, or to a natural disaster or even those souls who have lost everything when their home goes up in flames . . . and I felt that a small slice of their sadness had become mine too. It also had me thinking about random places that seem to have an aura of love about them when you pass by. Some of these are from loving events that have occurred there and left their beautiful energy imprints on those places. But there are others, I am sure, that are places where beloved items once waited, hoping to be reunited with the people who cherished them so, even if they had become ash. Everything is energy, as is love. I believe that we can feel where love has been, even when it can no longer be seen, in the vapor trails of love's energy as it swirls through our lives.