Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees


Philosophy & Roots

Gramercy Style Details of Design

Therese Gramercy, an author and poet, is also a general designer for all types of "space" – arranging room layouts, positioning art on walls, and designing gardens. She is known for her sense of understated elegance, her use of a soothing neutral color palette, and her attention to the smallest detail – all part of the comprehensive design style that she calls "integrated design".

Gramercy Style Roots

Her design years began as a child with a love of fabric, hand-making accessories for her dolls, taking sewing classes in summer school, making her formal dance dresses in high school, working full-time in a yardage shop, and becoming a favorite sales girl in the high fashion department of a prominent retail store where she learned to 'knock off' expensive designs for her own garments.

Designing business procedures, marketing materials, reviewing websites and creating massive project plans came along just as naturally as wallpapering, selecting paint palettes, designing kitchens and outdoor spaces. She believes that "good design is good design" . . . no matter what the price range, medium or application.