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Gardens & Yards

Beautiful space comes in all sizes

All Size Yards Can Be Beautiful

It's not how much space you have to work with – even it's just a few steps or a small porch - it's how you decide to use the space you have. Things can change from ordinary to extraordinary by simply adding a little something "extra" in just the right spot. . . a pathway, a container garden, a branch, a wind chime.

Plant local species for best water management

Xeriscaping & Using Local Resources

As climate changes occur and water becomes more precious, it is all the more important to choose the right plants for your yards. Native materials will stay healthier than exotic imports and match the water requirements in your area. Reducing the use of lawns and directing rain gutter flow to water the garden in ingenious ways can further use water resources wisely. Look to your local nurseries for the best selection of native plant materials. They can also be a great source of outdoor artworks by local artisans and well as hardscape materials such as stones and pavers.

Hardscape materials can further reduce water use

Seasonal Changes

As the seasons continually transform our yards, check your ever-changing window views too. Add/remove potted plants, whimsical art or interesting plant supports so there is always something fun to see as you glance out from your indoor activities.

Create a view that changes with the seasons


The longer the winter is in your area, the more important the need to enjoy artful views of the icy world outside from the comforts of your warm cozy home.

Envision your yard with its yearly snowy blanket. Your favorite flowerbeds and charming pathways may be completely erased. But you can still enjoy the simpler vision of the major features of your landscape – trees, nicely positioned shrubs & carefully-chosen focal points. Add winter lighting & décor (wreaths, swags, artfully placed branches) to spruce up your winter views. You may even get a jump start on spring yard work by identifying branches to prune, plants to add/move/remove, or a new feature to add.