Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees


Home as Sanctuary

Your home is the place where you renew your spirit before returning to the busy world outside. It should be your sanctuary and reflect your essence.

Our favorite sanctuaries can serve as the inspiration for our homes. You need only answer one question . . . where do you go when you escape? The elements of that special place are what you need to create at home through the colors you use, the art you choose, the special aspects inside your home and its views to your outside world . . . and you will know it is accomplished by how you feel when you arrive home each day.

A neutral palette aids your sanctuary and your ability to change details and update your space. A bright color scheme will the increase energy of a space and is often used for living and kitchen areas, versus bedrooms which require a soothing color palette to assist us in slipping away to sleep and rejuvenation.

Place furniture to enjoy your exterior views. If you don't have views . . . create them . . . with exterior plantings and garden elements . . . or with your interior artwork.

Details that help create a space to revitalize

Small details can make a great impact. Workspaces like home offices and even the garage can be sanctuaries too.

When creating your sanctuary remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose. A beloved chair, a memento, or even a pillow can be the inspiration for your new space.

Details that create a renewing space