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Home & Garden Services

Staging every detail for your home sale

When a car drives up to the front of your house, they form an opinion about its style. When they walk inside they do it again, and when they open a closet. All aspects of your home are important and can become sanctuaries for everyday living, and assets when it comes time to sell your home.

"No project is too small, no task too menial."

Extra hands to stage your home or property

For Homeowners

  • Home organization & furniture layout changes
  • Repurposing room based on family lifestyles
  • Artwork placement & décor recommendations
  • General home cleaning & de-cluttering of rooms
  • Weeding of garden beds; shaping shrubberies; planting annuals & refreshing containers
  • Special event preparation & cleanup

For Homeowners & Realtors: to ready the home for sale

  • Staging and "right sizing" furniture pieces per room to "expand" square footage
  • Creating a flow of design/color from room to room
  • Staging forgotten yet crucial areas; interiors of closets, cabinets, drawers & pantries
  • Planting for curb appeal; weeding & pruning
  • Cleaning & organizing; boxing items for interim offsite storage
  • Coordinating with HOA's to enhance entrance/signage areas

Improving curb appeal for HOA's