Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees


Integrating Your Space

When you open your shades, the view through your windows becomes part of the world inside your home. Interior & exterior living spaces that have been integrated to enhance each other always leave us with a sense of peace – and are the magic blend behind the special layouts that we see in magazines, the web and on TV.

Start Inside

Integrate inside with outside

Windows are frames that contain artwork. When inside, we tend to focus on the frame (woodwork, draperies, hardware & shades) and forget what they are framing – the view of the world outside. As part of integrated living, start planning from within your home to gain the most from the calming aspects of nature that enter your home through your windows and doors.

Check the view from each window – what do you see?

  • A bare lot or plain grass?
  • Buildings that you'd prefer to screen?
  • A garden or woods setting that could be enhanced?

Take It Outside

After assessing the view from inside, walk through your "views" outside. Compare how this new insight changes where you thought garden elements should be placed – focal points, new or enhanced plantings, a special gate or a water feature. Also think about how the views change from summer to winter . . . are they still interesting? What do you need to add so that they will be?

Before planting major trees & shrubs or installing points of interest (arbors, water features, bird houses & feeders), place a stake where you think each should go. Walk back inside and check your window views. How do you like your new 'art' composition? Adjust as needed until you are as pleased with the view from inside as you are when wandering outside.

No Views?

Create a view with plantings

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy properties with natural views . . . but you can always create your own views with plantings and architectural elements that obscure the world beyond.

For urban spaces where views are buildings and streets, create a view within your own space and celebrate nature by adding natural elements to your home's interior. Window treatments can be a key element to help diffuse unpleasant views. They can stop the eye from traveling out to the 'unview' and return it to the beauty of the world you have created inside your home.