Therese Gramercy . . . the girl named Trees

About Poemettes

Small Vignettes of Decor

A "poemette" is the genre I created for my tiny poems of four lines or less. They seemed happiest once they were clustered all together on their own menu … somewhat like the clustering of Monarch butterflies as they overwinter in the Pacific Grove on the Monterey peninsula of California … for waiting to be read might just feel much like winter to a tiny poemette.

The bookmark poemettes were written just for that purpose … to grace a bookmark. Not all of the bookmarks on our various pages include poemettes … some bookmarks just include beautiful photographs, or silk artworks.

You may print, clip, and tuck our bookmarks into the beautiful works by any author you love. And perhaps those pages that feel lonely while they await you to resume reading them will enjoy reading and snuggling with the poemette you have placed within them.

I hope you enjoy reading my petite poems, the poemettes, as well as their cousins of greater lengths.